How It Works

At Simply Tenant, we understand that staying at 100% occupancy can be a challenge. This is why we have streamlined processes to find the perfect tenants for multi-lets using advanced portals that most landlords do not have access to. This way, we can help to ensure that no one has to incur the costs of an empty room. Our system allows us to source tenants who are an ideal match for each HMO, thus giving landlords the upper hand when it comes to retaining tenants. Our process features 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Pick a Package

We have 3 flexible plans based on the amount of rooms you’d like to advertise at any given time.
upload HMO marketing details

Step 2: Upload Property Details

Once you have selected package create your account. Upload the details about the room/s you would like to advertise. Try to include as much information as possible.
We market your HMO room

Step 3: We Do the Hard Work

It’s over to us! We will now upload your room to the platforms best for your listings. Our experts know which ones work best and we are able of reaching a much larger audience while also having access to more exclusive platforms. You, as the landlord, are welcome to continue using the more mainstream approaches such as Spareroom.
We respond to potential HMO tenants

Step 4: We Respond to Leads and Soft Reference Tenants

We respond to queries as they come in and soft reference leads meaning you don't have to respond to hundreds of emails from people who wouldn't be viable as tenants
We pass on the HMO tenant leads

Step 5: We Pass the Leads onto You

Potential tenants who do pass our soft referencing and would a good fit for your multiple occupancy house will be passed onto you so that viewings can be arranged.

Step 6: Choose Your Ideal Tenant

Once you have met with the prospective tenants, you can now shortlist your options and administer full reference checks. Satisfied in the knowledge you've saved valuable time and are more likely to find the best match.